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Your Brand and Your Audience

Interact with your customers, partners or employees in a trusted online community platform. Increase loyalty, understand needs and make better-informed decisions. 

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How it Works

1. Create your community

Build an online community with just a few clicks. Match it to your branding and configure settings.

2. Publish content

Create topics in the forum, launch a poll or start a contest. Invite customers, partners or employees.

4. Understand and reward

Analyze conversations, find patterns and understand what your customers need. Use gamification to reward participation.

3. Join the conversation 

Engage in discussions with your members, give feedback on their ideas and grow your community into an important insights hub.

"CMNTY Platform helps us bring customers from different countries together and understand their needs. It’s an agile and quick way to get feedback continuously, not just quarterly, yearly or incidentally."

Anna Keningi
Project Lead - Consumer Insights
Reima Clothing