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12 years in the making, CMNTY Platform 6 is the most versatile brand insights community platform available.

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Mobile First Design

As you would expect from any modern application, CMNTY Platform 6 was designed “mobile first”. 

While Platform 5 was also mobile first, its mobile version had a separate, stand-alone design. 

With Platform 6, we aligned the design of the mobile version with the desktop version ensuring a more seamless experience for you and your community members.

Because in the past so many of our costumers used their community as a stand alone application, we used a side menu to give it that “app” feeling. But as years went by, we were seeing more customers integrate their community with their website. This asked for more design flexibility in terms of navigation.

All New Forum Module

The Forum is the most widely used module of our platform amongst all our customers. For Platform 6, the Forum module was built from the ground up to meet today’s internet standards and ensure a fast and smooth user experience. 

Combined with the platform’s new top-menu the new Forum makes optimal use of screen real estate.

Key Features:

  • Threaded Commenting
  • Bookmarking
  • Flagging of Problematic Comments
  • Masked Discussions
  • Post Scheduling and Drafts
  • Featured Image for Message Boards
  • Pinned and Closed Discussions
  • Rich-text Editor with Previewing and Code Editing
  • Liking
  • @-Mentioning

Re-imagined Challenge Module

Our Challenge module was built to host ideation and co-creation challenges between you and your community. 

In response to customers looking for ways to increase interaction during co-creation sessions, we redesigned how this module looks, feels and functions.

Key Features:

  • Visually Inspiring and Intuitive
  • Faster Interaction Through Caching
  • Threaded Commenting
  • Bookmarking
  • Flagging of Problematic Comments
  • Rich-text Editor with Previewing and Code Editing
  • Read Indicators
  • @-Mentioning


Many of our customers expressed the need for a “moderation tool” to help them manage their community. But also help derive insights. 

CMNTY Pulse is a new part of the platform to help you do just that, with the ultimate goal of it becoming “the heartbeat of your community”.

Don't have time to respond right now or want to save something for later analysis? Bookmarking will allow you to find the most important content at a later moment.

Content Reporting
The initial release of CMNTY Pulse introduces a better way to handle reported (flagged) content. Now, any content reported by members is displayed in a designated area. It allows moderators to review and take action accordingly. With the ability to enter preset keywords you can even allow CMNTY Pulse to alert you automatically.

Community Members Single-Point-of-Truth
Full user profiles are available within CMNTY Pulse that act as a "single-point-of-truth" for any community member. It includes profile information submitted, the groups they belong to and which member referred them to join your community.

Profanity Filtering
A regular request from our customers was to help with filtering strong language. With CMNTY Platform 6, profanity filtering is built right into the platform. When turned on, strong language will be automatically filtered.

Platform 6 uses a horizontal/top navigation by default. This makes it easier to integrate your community with your website. It also dramatically improves the available space, giving your community a “cleaner” look and feel.

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New Challenge Module with Floating Idea Submission Form

Task List

An exciting new functionality is Task List. Using Task List, you can define tasks for your members and track their progress along the way. Pave a clearer path for members to follow and review completions in CMNTY Pulse.

What's New...

Moodboard Maker
(coming soon)

We are adding new ways for community members to get creative. The upcoming Moodboard Maker let's you create collages of images. Upload images from your phone or desktop, or use the search functionality to search a large database of free stock images!